About NCIM

What we do, we do well

The NCIM Group specialises in placing well-trained professionals for project management, consulting, software development and system management in technical environments. The NCIM Group has been in existence since 1988 and has offices in Leidschendam & Brussels. The head office is located in Leidschendam.

We know our customers well

Our employees know eachother

We choose specifically what we do

What we do, we do well.

Our Team

Toon Akkermans

President and CEO

Marcella van Beek

Accountmanager/resourcemanager Defensie

Melany de Beer

Accountmanager Defensie

Simone Blankestijn

Team Lead Finance & Back Office

Melony Brathwaite

Resource Manager - NATO & International

Shane Coufreur

Principal Consultant and Product Development

Jaimy Dieke

Senior Resourcemanager Defensie

Leon van Ee

Senior Principal Consultant

Coen Goedegebure


Lindsay Pieterse

Senior Accountmanager Defensie

Erinn Kluit

Accountmanager NATO & International

Rowena Loeve

Corporate Recruiter

Devika Madarie

Account Manager - Public order & Security

Harold Kasperink


Anne van Cappellen

Communicatiemedewerker & Recruiter

Maria Sandoval

Resourcemanager NATO & International

Koen Rodenburg

Principal Consultant

Maaike Scheepens

Sales Director

Maigrin Schuit

Senior Finance Administrator

Joni Suur

HR/Finance Administrator

Ela Timar

Senior Accountmanager Europol & International

Irene Torrubia

Product Development

Tara Zwenger

Account Manager - Public order & Security

Leander Knol


Samira El Moussaoui

Accountmanager NATO & International

Jeroen de Knegt

Training and Development

Milou Meuwissen


Dina Girgis

Finance & administratief medewerker

Lotte Duvekot

Resource Manager - Defence

Michel Haaksman

Quality Assurance

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Senior Software Developer

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Senior Software Developer

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Senior Software Developer

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Medior Software Developer

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Junior Software Developer

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Trainee Software Developer
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